Expedition of proceedings and asset liquidation


In view of their complexity, insolvency and resolution proceedings are often protracted. In order to expedite proceedings, in individual cases EIS takes possession of assets (typically receivables) or residual assets. This enables the insolvency administrator to bring the proceedings to a close more quickly and avoid further costs.

EIS holds the licence pursuant to the Legal Services Act required to liquidate the transferred receivables and other assets and is a member of the BDIU (German Association of Debt Collection Agencies) in Berlin.


EIS can also be engaged by credit institutions to liquidate assets and collect receivables. This work can be performed in its own name or on a fiduciary basis. Outsourcing the collection of receivables reduces the burden on the banks' time, costs and personnel capacities.

Asset liquidation takes place centrally at the company's registered office in Cologne. The employees entrusted with this task possess the necessary personal and technical skills. They are supported by state-of-the-art technology and software.



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